Recipe: Courgette + Cocoa Loaf

Vegan-recipe-cake-bread-courgette-and-cocoa-loaf-blogAn allotment abound with courgettes and tiny berries and loads of luscious lettuce is something my family is lucky enough to enjoy in the summer. If you’ve ever grown courgettes you’ll know that suddenly you’ll have a glut and will have made so many stir fries with rounds of the little marrows you’ll be looking for new ideas.

You’ve made banana bread, right? Well, this a is a little like that. Perfect with some vegan spread (I like it with coconut and almond butter) and a cup of tea or coffee. Yep, I’ve decided to bring back elevenses.

It’s a simple loaf in that it doesn’t ping the taste buds with loads of sugar, and it has got a most simple vegetable in it, but in the empty light of a late morning rumbling stomach it’s a little fluffy cloud slice of goodness with a hint of chocolate and a satisfying crumb.

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Recipe: Courgette + Cocoa Loaf