Recipe: Courgette + Cocoa Loaf

Vegan-recipe-cake-bread-courgette-and-cocoa-loaf-blogAn allotment abound with courgettes and tiny berries and loads of luscious lettuce is something my family is lucky enough to enjoy in the summer. If you’ve ever grown courgettes you’ll know that suddenly you’ll have a glut and will have made so many stir fries with rounds of the little marrows you’ll be looking for new ideas.

You’ve made banana bread, right? Well, this a is a little like that. Perfect with some vegan spread (I like it with coconut and almond butter) and a cup of tea or coffee. Yep, I’ve decided to bring back elevenses.

It’s a simple loaf in that it doesn’t ping the taste buds with loads of sugar, and it has got a most simple vegetable in it, but in the empty light of a late morning rumbling stomach it’s a little fluffy cloud slice of goodness with a hint of chocolate and a satisfying crumb.

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Recipe: Courgette + Cocoa Loaf

Recipe: Bourbon-poached Pears with Ginger Snaps + Maple Cream



O, Romeo … thou a Poperin Pear.

O, dessert… thou a well-poached pear…

During the winter months when drizzle and grey and bugs are a-plenty I always find myself craving a well-spiced hot toddy with a good bourbon and maple syrup. Although I would claim this to be a princess among desserts, I wanted to create something a little more satisfying, but still light and flavoursome, to see us through the winter months when we have far more time indoors to cook up something beautiful.

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Recipe: Bourbon-poached Pears with Ginger Snaps + Maple Cream

Donuts: Celebrating World Vegan Day with 12 Awesome Vegan Donuts!

Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do? Homer Simpson

If you aren’t reading this with a donut or other delicious vegan patisserie treat in your hand and crumbs around your mouth, then what are you waiting for?! It’s World Vegan Day and it’s time to celebrate!

Get inspired and get salivating with my lovingly prepared compendium of the best vegan donuts I’ve made and coveted (oh the day when I get my hands on one of those Fudgegazi donuts from Donut Friend…)

P.S. If you didn’t know I started a food truck with my friend pretty much because we had an unsatisfied donut craving…

1. Rosemary Pastry Creme filled with White Chocolate Glaze

Photo: The Mighty Food Fight archives

2. Chocolate Ganache Stuffed S’mores with Crushed Graham Crackers + Torched Marshmallows (The Cinnamon Snail)

Chocolate-Ganache-stuffed -S'mores-Donut-with-Crushed-Graham-Crackers-+-Torched-Marshmallows-from-The-Cinnamon-Snail
Photo: VegNews

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Donuts: Celebrating World Vegan Day with 12 Awesome Vegan Donuts!