Bluebird Tea Co. Bristol Opening ParTEA!


Bluebird-Tea-Co.-Opening-ParTEA-BristolThere’s no way I could resist an invite to a party where tea cocktails would be on the menu, and lo, here I am with a lemon matcha and gin version in my hand, mind reeling at the choices on said menu, appetite for more tea-based beverages whetted.

To explain: I was invited to Bluebird Tea Co.‘s Opening ParTEA on Park Street, Bristol, and this was one of the many wonderful things I tasted during my evening there last week. I was accompanied by two of my pals from Lush Bristol, and though we agreed this was the most Portlandia-esque thing we’d ever done, we had such a good time!

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Review: Emmeline Bristol


This week I hopped on the local train to Montpelier to check out new-ish Emmeline on Cheltenham Road. Marie (from Bristol’s awesome new fabric and dressing-making store SEWN) came with me to explore before we headed up Gloucester Road to forage for plant pots and wander round Amnesty Books.

We chose Emmeline as we’d kind of glimpsed or gathered somehow that there was lovely plant-life, vegan options and, importantly, CAKE. It took us a little while to order because we were busy absorbing all the beautiful little details around the cafe; so much foliage!

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Review: Emmeline Bristol

Review: Kale & Kettle, Bristol

Kale & Kettle Bristol Review | Donuts + Bolts Vegan Food Cafe Restaurant

My gorgeous pal Isabel and I ate lunch at Kale & Kettle this week, a new independent vegetarian kitchen on Stokes Croft, Bristol. We weren’t sure what to expect, though as usual we were hungry and hoping for various vegan options. At least they’d have soy mylk right?! I don’t think we were prepared fall so in love with our lunch!

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Review: Kale & Kettle, Bristol

Review: Plants taste better at the Acorn Kitchen, Bath

Beautifully cooked plants have been on the menu in this little building on North Parade, Bath for some time; the restaurant was formerly Rachel Demuth’s vegetarian place, and it was a dinner-time destination for vegans in the South West for years before now.

A couple of years ago Demuth’s head chef Richard, and his business partners, bought the restaurant and Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen grew from some solid principles: using local ingredients, serving mainly plant-based dishes and food ‘prepared with skill and served from the heart’.




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Review: Plants taste better at the Acorn Kitchen, Bath