Recipe: Smoked Paprika Beans with Miso Mash, Crispy Cabbage + Beetroot Creme Fraiche


Hey friends! It’s been a while. I’ve been learning to slow down. It’s cool and you can really taste every ingredient in that vegan junk food (I’ve been eating lots of it in Bristol, New York and Cornwall!)

Given my hiatus I thought I would treat you to not one, but four, brand new vegan recipes! They work super well together for a Sunday night feast with friends, and you can also try them out individually to perfect them and enjoy something quicker on a school night.

Let’s talk smoked paprika for a minute. I’m obsessed with those smokey flavours, and a tin of smoked paprika, alongside a bottle of Mesquite liquid smoke, is a must in my pantry. The coveted flavour of La Chinata smoked paprika, my favourite brand, comes from oak-smoked Spanish paprika peppers grown in the Extremadura region southwest of Madrid. Worth investing, pals.

Traditionally this wonder spice is used in chilindrón stews, romesco sauces and adds to the flavour of chorizo (none of that) and here I’m using it to add depth and richness to this vegan stew.



We’ve got four elements to this delicious dinner:

Smoked Paprika Beans would be grand just popped on toast or a baked potato or in a burrito with some salsa and vegan cheeze.

Miso Sweet Potato Mash could be your next favourite thing on a roast dinner plate or with sausages (can’t wait to eat this with my chipotle Field Roast numbers I picked up in NYC!)

Crispy Savoy Cabbage with Pumpkin Seeds, Caraway + Ginger is the best way to eat cabbage that I know of. Serve this on top of any dinner to add crispy goodness or use a stir-fry base.

Beetroot Creme Fraiche is not so much a recipe as a good condiment. Make a batch, eat with everything.

Try out these ideas and then go for the sweet combination when you’re feeling fancy or are having your favourite humans round for dinner.

P.S. You could always add some hot spice, such as a sprinkle of cayenne pepper, to our Smoked Paprika Beans. I didn’t here as I was cooking for my parents and my Dad can’t do lots of spicy foods.



Smoked Paprika Beans with Miso Mash, Crispy Cabbage + Beetroot Creme Fraiche


For the Smoked Paprika Beans
400g tin butter beans
400g tin chickpeas
1 small red onion, finely chopped
2 large cloves garlic, finely chopped
400g tin chopped tomatoes (get the best you can afford)
350ml vegetable stock (this cool idea is a good one for using up scraps!)
1.5 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp agave syrup
1.5 tbsp smoked paprika (I know, but more is more!)
0.5 tsp fenugreek seeds
0.5 tsp ground coriander
2 bay leaves (my pictures have fresh ones but dried is fine!)
alt and pepper because you’ll want to season to taste

For the Miso Mash
4 large sweet potatoes (this is for about 4 people y’see)
2 tbsp miso
2 tbsp vegan butter (I wish mine was from Miyoko’s Kitchen but it’s not, it’s this one.)
Salt and pepper, lots of both is what I like

For the Crispy Cabbage
1 savoy cabbage, shredded into strips
2 tbsp rapeseed oil
0.5 inch piece of ginger, grated
2 tsp caraway seeds, reserve 1tsp to sprinkle on cooked dish
3 tbsp pumpkin seeds
Salt and pepper to season

For the Beetroot Creme Fraiche
200g Oatly Creme Fraiche or make your own from silken tofu
2 large beetroot (roasted, as per method below)
Dash of salt
0.5 tsp black pepper
Juice of half a lemon


  1. I try and start the prep for the creme fraiche a few hours before serving dinner. It’s really just to give the beetroot time to roast and you can totally leave it and go and Netflix life away while you’re waiting… Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. Chop greens off your beetroot, scrub off any dirt and wrap each whole in a piece of foil. You’re going to roast them for an hour so pop a timer on to remind you to check them.
  2. Now let’s start the Smoked Paprika Beans. Heat a large wide-based pan or frying pan over a low-medium heat and dry fry the fenugreek seeds until they are nice and toasted.
  3. Add the olive oil and when hot add the onion, stir, and after 5 minutes add the garlic, frying for another 5-7 minutes until all is golden.
  4. Whilst frying drain and rinse the butter beans and chickpeas into a colander to have them ready.
  5. Add the ground coriander to the pan and stir into the onion mixture, adding the smoked paprika next, stirring it in for no more than 30 seconds before chucking in the legumes.
  6. Stir for a minute then add tinned tomatoes, vegetable stock, agave and some seasoning. No need to cover, let it bubble!
  7. Take the opportunity to prick the skins of the sweet potatoes and pop them in the oven on a tray to bake. I like to bake large sweet potatoes for the hour or so that we are going to cook the stew for, they’re nice and tender then.
  8. Meanwhile you can prep the creme fraiche. After an hour in the oven the beets should be soft – stab them with a fork to find out, and then peel them. Throw into a blender with all the other ingredients and whizz. If you can’t whizz you’ll have to grate and stir, my friend. You will have beet-bloody hands.
  9. Prep the cabbage too in this downtime by washing and shredding it, grating the ginger and getting another pan and your seeds ready. I also like to check that the stew is bubbling away nicely, maybe give it a loving stir.
  10. Once the sweet potatoes are soft you can remove from the tray, place onto a chopping board and slice randomly with a fork and sharp knife. I do this because why would you want to get rid of skins? Scrape back into the tray, add the miso and butter, apply a masher and some seasoning. Yes it’s messy but I can’t be doing with extra bowls, I use enough!
  11. Pop tray back into the oven (turn it down or cover tray with foil) whilst you do the cabbage. Heat the rapeseed oil over a high heat on the hob. Add the grated ginger and stir for one minute, then add the cabbage and caraway seeds, stirring for a couple of minutes. Throw the pumpkin seeds in and stir quickly whilst the shredded cabbage and seeds begin to blacken and get crispy, usually for another 2-3 minutes.
  12. In those last 2-3 minutes I’m tasting the stew and seasoning, it should be really nice and thick and ready to dish up. I do potato then stew into a wide bowl and then add the cabbage and extra caraway seeds on top at the last minute, followed by a drizzle of beetroot creme fraiche.
  13. Slow down. Stop. Enjoy.


Recipe: Smoked Paprika Beans with Miso Mash, Crispy Cabbage + Beetroot Creme Fraiche

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