Review: Kale & Kettle, Bristol

Kale & Kettle Bristol Review | Donuts + Bolts Vegan Food Cafe Restaurant

My gorgeous pal Isabel and I ate lunch at Kale & Kettle this week, a new independent vegetarian kitchen on Stokes Croft, Bristol. We weren’t sure what to expect, though as usual we were hungry and hoping for various vegan options. At least they’d have soy mylk right?! I don’t think we were prepared fall so in love with our lunch!

Kale & Kettle Bristol Review | Donuts + Bolts Vegan Food Cafe Restaurant

The kitchen is in a former bike studio and is raised above the now-widened pavement on Stokes Croft, with a gloriously huge window, bar and stools ready for you to take a seat and watch the world go by. I got a pour-over black coffee (they won’t be serving dairy milk, and no soy was needed here, it was a perfect pour) and read my book surrounded by daffodils and sunshine.

Elliot, owner and head chef, was busy in the open kitchen cooking lunch orders and the place had a really relaxed mood. Chatting to him later I found out his main mission is to show that a plant-based diet can be easy and delicious as well as ethical by serving fresh and tasty food with locally sourced ingredients. He’d been trading at Bristol’s Harbourside Market for a little while with this ethos and explained that his Akkras in a Bun were pretty popular there.

Kale & Kettle Bristol Review | Donuts + Bolts Vegan Food Cafe Restaurant IMG_6740

Though Kale & Kettle had a three choices for lunch (and we were stoked to find out that the entire menu was vegan) Isabel and I both couldn’t resist trying out the Akkra (black eye pea fritters) with Sesame Kale and Citrus Aioli. Oh my!

Akkras in a Bun with Sesame Kale + Citrus Aioli at Kale & Kettle Bristol | Donuts + Bolts Vegan food cafe restaurant IMG_6748

The fritters were packed into a bun and smothered with aoili with lots of kale peeking out. And they were incredible. The kale was perfectly prepared, the sesame oil just the right amount to give you little bursts of it with each mouthful, and the aoili so creamy. We’d never heard of Akkra… they’re a Senegalese bean fritter and are so tasty that we didn’t want the meal to end!

Kale & Kettle Bristol | Donuts + BoltsKale & Kettle Bristol | Donuts + Bolts

So naturally I followed it up with a piece of Double Chocolate Cake (with chocolate cream frosting). Elliot’s partner bakes the all-vegan cakes, and she can certainly whip up a great chocolate loaf cake, it was light and the frosting was whipped and wonderful.

Kale & Kettle is a real gem and I’m so happy there’s another fully vegan menu in town (at the moment, though eggs may feature in the feature). Can’t wait to go back and try out the other dishes – doing three things really well is the way forward. Go see for yourselves!

Kale & Kettle Bristol | Donuts + Bolts


Kale & Kettle, 25-27 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY

Review: Kale & Kettle, Bristol

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