Vegan junk food, baking + all the bath bombs!

Hey and Happy New Year to you all! I hope your holidays were swell and that you’re ready to blast off into 2016?! In case you’ve been wondering where my kitchen creations have been the last few weeks… there’s a big clue in the picture below…

vx loves vegan junk food

I’ve joined the team at Vx Bristol as a baker and vegan junk food maker! Vx Bristol is sister to the London store, and brings a unique brand of world-renowned delicious vegan treats, full junk food menu, a plethora of exclusive imported plant-based delicacies, range of extraordinarily-melty cheeses, and French patisserie to Bristol.

I’m so excited to be a part of this and have been spending my time at the store, planning recipes and getting know my new kitchen. Come say hello if you’re in Bristol, or check us out on Facebook. I’ve already cooked up kebabs, sweet berry burgers, brownies, hot dogs, nachos and more, all 100% plant-based!

Christmas Cookie Making | Donuts + Bolts

At the same time I’ve been a Christmas elf at Lush in Bristol (complete with vintage elf dress!) and if you’ve ever popped in one of our stores during December you’ll know why I’ve had only time to throw together a few festive cookies before now!

Shower Jelly from Lush Cosmetics Instagram | Donuts + Bolts

I absolutely adore Lush and it’s philosophy of cruelty-free products, bathing, massage and delight. It’s a beautiful place to work and being surrounded by lovely humans all day has been wonderful. I baked a few things for my lovely Lushies, like these Masala Molasses Totoro Cookies! I am could share the recipe if you’re keen?

Totoro Masala Molasses Cookie | Donuts + Bolts

Lush is a great place to explore your creativity and practise the art of self-care. There’s loads of vegan products and I can tell you nothing smells better than a Lush bath (okay, maybe those masala molasses cookies when they’re fresh out of the oven, but why choose?!)

Rub Rub Rub from Lush Oxford Street Instagram | Donuts + Bolts

So bathing, busying, a bit of baking… what else have I been up to? I visited family for Christmas and enjoyed some winter strolls along the beach. When you’ve had a hectic end of the year it’s the perfect place to do a little thinking, a little planning and lots of gazing at the waves. I love my parents’ home cooking and they even presented me with a bar of chocolate infused with wild gorse from the Cornish coastline. Definitely something use in cooking this year.

Beach Strolls | Donuts + Bolts

I hope you’ll join me in 2016 as I figure out how to get the energy to cook and create in two kitchens (the key is in those bubble baths I reckon!) I look forward to sharing new recipes with you, some new donut creations, and some reviews of all the Christmas vegan cookbooks I got!

See More Trees | Donuts + Bolts

If I have one resolution for 2016 sounding out above all the usual it’s this: more trees. See more trees, be mindful of more trees and capture photographs of more trees. In the words of John Muir, “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” Have a happy one y’all, and…

Donut be a stranger,

Hannah x


Vegan junk food, baking + all the bath bombs!

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