Welcome to the nuts + bolts of a plant-based life…

Hey! I’m Hannah. Welcome to my new blog about plant-based life after The Mighty Food Fight, a vegan food truck which rolled on the streets of Bristol, UK up until August 2015. I’m so happy you’re here, reading Donuts + Bolts!

Hello from me!

Vegan donuts make the world go round! I’ve made vegan donuts for so long and, you know what, there’d be a big donut hole in my life without making that beautiful dough every now and again. It won’t be all terrible puns though, I promise!

You can expect some delicious donut flavour combinations, other sweet treats and some more everyday recipes (nuts and bolts of a daily diet you might say) right here every week. Plus some reviews of gorgeous vegan food and other reads on the beautiful, and hopefully interesting, things in life! I hope to inspire you, so let me know how I’m doing.

Vegan Donuts filled with Elderflower Curd + topped with Gin Glaze: I love a good flavour combination!

Life post-truckin is a whole new world. There’s a little more time, there’s leftover piles of sprinkles, and there’s a list of vegan food I want to try in Bristol and beyond.

I cleaned out my basement, cooked a ton of recipes from Street Vegan cookbook (those empanadas!) and remembered what is was like to hang out in my kitchen again (one of life’s simple pleasures, right?) So I’m going to carry on making, baking and trying out some kick-ass vegan recipes…

I’d love for you to join me on this tiny adventure, so, if you want to, go on and sign up for my emails direct to your inbox and follow me on all the usual social media places. Eventually you’ll be able to keep up to date with what I’m doing (and any special events coming up!) on my little calendar. Click on the menu button up in the right hand corner to do all of that. Big love!

Donut be a stranger,

Hannah x

Welcome to the nuts + bolts of a plant-based life…

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the nuts + bolts of a plant-based life…

  1. Sarah says:

    Love me some good puns! Greetings from a fellow Bristol based blogger! Sad I never got to experience your food from The Mighty Food Fight. Looking forward to reading more on these pages.

    Liked by 1 person

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